Owner + Photographer

I am Laura Griffing Langfitt; the designer, owner and operator of Griffing Designs. Griffing Designs was born on a whim, one late summer night in Alaska while visiting home, back in my childhood bedroom. My great grandmother and namesake was a business women in Long Island, New York in the 1800s. The bed I slept in was an antique from her hotel and I like to think that her guidance led me to open shop that night. Browsing through a folder of my photography I began to wonder if I could sell my photos. Ten minutes later my first Etsy shop was born. I knew nothing about what it meant to be an online seller, or how to run a business. All I knew its that I was open! A year later I dove headfirst into the world of design, using my nature photos as my foundation. Griffing Designs has continued to grow and my passion for photography and design has only grown with it. 

My deep love and appreciation for nature stems from growing up an island in the Gulf of Alaska. As a child I grew up spending more time outside then I did in. Whether it was fishing with dad or berry picking with mom our subsistence-based lifestyle gave me a great appreciation of what the wilderness can offer. Today I strive to share this love with the world through my photography and nature-inspired product designs. All of my designs, from my clothing, to wall art, to home décor items, are related to nature. Hiking and exploring with my husband and our cocker spaniel, Tank is one of my favorite past times. I take my camera with me whenever we go. On rainy days I edit photos and work on designs while our three legged tabby cat, Grumpy snuggles in my lap. 

I hope you like my work, and if you have any special requests or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me